Great Light Publications, founded in 2009, is a relatively new publishing ministry. It was begun by Michael McHugh, who has worked in the publishing field since the mid-1980's as an author, editor, and publication director. Mr. McHugh has the desire to publish a number of new books, particularly in the realms of children's literature, classic novels, and Bible study/devotional aids. His primary goal is to exercise his God-given and constitutionally protected right to freely publish and disseminate literature in order that it might be used to strengthen Christian homes and schools.

The theological foundation of GLP is grounded upon the historic Christian faith, and is well summarized by the orthodox creeds and confessions that were written during the Protestant Reformation, most notably the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. In brief, Great Light Publications is dedicated to promoting conservative, biblical Christianity while striving to spread the Gospel of Christ in a compassionate, relevant, and gracious manner.

All those who take part in the work of GLP covet your prayers and support, as our publishing efforts slowly expand and mature.


The mission of Great Light Publications is founded upon the words of Isaiah 9:2, which prophesied concerning the coming of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. This passage declares:

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined."

It is the express purpose of GLP to produce literature that honors the Light of the World, Jesus Christ through wholesome and edifying publications. Every nation, in every age, as well as all peoples, stand in need of the truth of Holy Scripture to set them free from the dark and destructive consequences of sin. The Word of God, as well as the principles that flow from it, can alone make people and nations free. As Jesus said in John 8:36:

"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

The hope of all those who labor in producing and delivering Great Light Publications is that each and every title will be used by Almighty God to help draw both children and adults into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the desire of GLP to produce materials that will help to equip evangelists, Christian school and home school educators, as well as churches in their work on behalf of the kingdom of God.